Find out more about Coach Dan's background with Precision Nutrition by clicking here. Precision Nutrition is the world's leading supplier of proven nutrition programmes. Established in 2005 by Dr John Berardi (exercise physiology and nutrient biochemistry PhD), the programmes have helped well over 200,000 clients achieve their goals. Some reviews of theirs, and our own current clients, are listed below.

Joanna C


Felt nervous to take the first step but instantly realised that committing to herself was the best thing she had done.


"I am having an amazing time - I am buzzing. I am so glad I met you; the way you teach and everyone in the group is just what I need. Thank you, I'm loving it xx"

Jackie M

Decided she would prefer a better version of herself last year

"The programme is really working for me. I feel so much stronger and fitter after just a few weeks and people have already noticed my changing shape. I never thought I would actually enjoy fitness stuff, but this I do! 4 months of working with you and I honestly feel 10 years younger! Thanks for all your help, you are amazing!"

Renée B


Enjoying the benefits of good nutrition and fitness support.


"I have noticed a huge improvement in my general fitness levels, am enjoying my food and even have full movement back in my dodgy shoulder thanks to coaching support!"

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