A simple nutrition guide - ABSOLUTELY FREE

With a monthly cost of £39, we appreciate that this programme - though guaranteed to work! - is a real commitment.

This is why, we are giving you something for free today - zero cost, zero commitment. We just want to show you in a very simple guide what kind of thing we will be helping you with during your time at Best. You. Now.

Here's an excerpt - it's literally a screenshot taken from the document I will send you. Some of it - in fact, perhaps, MOST of it - you will think you already know.

Fact is - you DO know it, you are right. But in our busy lives, we need to be reminded how to best make this work for us. Minimal effort - maximum impact...sound good?

Start by sending me your email address via the link below - it takes 5 seconds. I will send you the complete guide to 'The Problem with Calorie Counting' within 24 hours. I promise I won't bombard you with messages - and we never ever share your data with any third parties... we don't even need GDPR to know that that is bad practise! ;-)

Ready to learn something today that will help you with your goals going forward? 

That's it - all done - you will hear from us as soon as possible. Thank you!

If you have any questions though, please feel free to message us via the 'Meet Your Coaches' or 'Join up' pages anytime. 

If you have a few minutes, why not take a little look around the website and see if you like what we do? Read what other members say about us and, more importantly, the programme.

Feedback is always welcome - we are here to help you!

Kirsten & Dan 

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