These are scary, uncertain times. We hope you and your loved ones are safe and remain healthy.

We have been personally affected by the virus, both on a financial (an events company is not great to have during a worldwide lockdown) and a health level: I am currently recovering from a fairly severe case of Covid-19 with a bonus dose of pneumonia.

We all know that this is a horrible and indiscriminate virus; our personal experience has led us to see how we can help you to our best ability through this. Please read on, feel free to share our advice or offers with your family and friends and reach out if we can support you in any other way, too.

Much love, Kirsten & Dan


We appreciate that you may look at this programme as an 'unnecessary' expense at the moment. We explain further down why this is not only NOT the case but why now is the perfect time to focus on yourself and your physical and mental wellbeing.

We can help with this.

We know from our personal experience, our satisfied clients and the (literally) hundreds of thousands Precision Nutrition success stories, that this programme WORKS. 

But we want it to work for you even when times are - perhaps - a bit hard. We are proud to be able to offer a one-time discount of 25% to anyone who has been financially affected by the current crisis. This basically means we are offering you the whole programme at cost - it just about covers our license fee. We operate this on a complete trust basis - please only apply for this discount if you really need it - but we promise, we will honour it. No awkward questions - trust us, we get it.

Check out the usual costs here and contact us to join the next programme here.

Look after your immune system, so it can look after you!

The prinicples of the Best You Now / Precision Nutrition method are based on a healthy lifestyle. You will boost your immune system every single day without even having to think about it - and a strong immune system is still the best way to fight off any infection!

Start today by following these quick guidelines and stay healthy!

Eat a rainbow.

Yes really! A variety of seasonal fruit and veg in as many different colours as possible will ensure you get almost all essential vitamins and minerals.

Sip water.

Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Avoid stress.

Easier said than done? We find planning helps with that. You can do it!


Regular exercise - preferably in the fresh air if you can safely do so - will boost your physical and mental wellbeing no end.


Focus on quantity (8 hours anyone?) and quality. Switch screens off an hour before bed - read a book or try some mindfulness exercises to help you drift off into restful sleep.

Habit-based coaching - in a nutshell

Our course is a 12-month personal nutrition and exercise coaching programme in which we walk clients through the process of changing the way they look, feel and perform. 

It's called habit-based coaching and it's reflective of our commitment to a single, but immensely important idea:

Focusing on less helps you achieve more.


1) You have more time than ever before

The Best You Now programme takes just a few minutes every day - you read your daily email and think about any actions you should take - done. More free time allows you to get into the habit of taking those few minutes for yourself every day - without feeling like it's an extra chore. In fact, it will give you focus and purpose during an uncertain time.

2) You worry about putting on weight

Of course you are! We are suddenly working next to a fully stocked kitchen, the gyms are closed and the added anxiety makes you want to sleep in a bed of biscuits. How about losing weight instead? Learning better habits in bitesized portions (see what I did there!)  will help you stay healthy and in control of your nutrition without feeling you're on a diet. 

3) You don't know how to exercise alone

First exercise classes stopped, then they closed the gyms. Running is restricted - what now? Best You Now includes free personalised home workouts, using what you've got available and making sure it's based around exercise you enjoy. Still missing your classes? We offer you heavily discounted access to St Albans Fitness - online bootcamp sessions (with Kirsten) suitable for all levels.

4) You are worried about your and your family's health

A strong immune system will benefit everyone anytime. Eating the Best You Now way will make your body as healthy and strong as possible - not just for now, but for life!

5) You don't feel in control and it's making you anxious

Feeling in control is a state of mind, which this programme teaches extremely well. How?

Firstly, it is based on a small action you take every single day. Ticking that little daily box will give you an instant boost. See how you are taking control of that and are owning it? 

Secondly, it teaches you to BE in control: handy tips to plan your meals, your week, your training, are easily transferable into every day life. 

Since I did this course, I have been a calmer mother and more organised business owner whereas before I suffered from depression and anxiety caused by stress.

You cannot control everything life throws at you - but you can control how you react to it. Best You Now helps you regain control for good, in more ways than you can imagine!

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