be the

best you, now!

Take control

of your fitness, your nutrition

and your life!

Take back control

Are you tired of feeling bad about your body, your fitness, your health?

Have you had enough of yo-yo diets that work well for a few weeks, but leave you feeling down and like a failure when you inevitably return to normal eating?

Would you like to take control of your nutrition - whilst still enjoying your food?

Would you like to find a way to keep fit that you really enjoy?

Would you like to make positive changes, for good, and feel in control again of your body, your fitness and, generally, your life?

All it takes is 15 minutes....

Take just 15 minutes a day for yourself - time to be spent on you, on learning new habits through simple lessons that will change your body and mindset forever!

Use your phone or computer, do it after the school run, on the train to work or whenever you have a few minutes - this is the most flexible plan for lasting change you will ever come across - and the last one you will need!

Are you ready to commit to yourself?


No food replacement shakes or 'miracle' diets - start from scratch and learn to enjoy your food again. Short and easy to follow lessons will empower you to make the right food choice without feeling like you're dieting or missing out.

You don't buy our products at inflated prices! You buy the food that you choose. We just want to help you to enjoy every last mouthful without ever feeling guilty again. Want to eat good, tasty food?


Fitness doesn't have to mean spending hours in the gym or taking up a sport you may have always disliked. It can just mean moving that little bit more - we will show you how to do this, without even thinking of it as exercise. Of course - we will also supply you with complete home and gym workouts should you wish, and introduce you to some new sports you may not yet have considered but might actually love! Want to get a bit more active?


We are not exaggerating when we invite you to become the best version of you: many of the lessons you will learn during this programme will not only impact your physical health but will also support your mental wellbeing and can be transferred to almost all aspects of your life. The best you programme will help you improve and take control, one small, simple step at a time. The whole point is to form new habits without them feeling like anything other than natural behaviour.

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